Our nation has been corrupted by a force of evil which is actively working to impeach President Trump, and put a liberal into power, so they can gain the ability and authority to implement Sharia Law in OUR nation!

CAIR or also known as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, wants Sharia Law to be introduced in the American society, so it can make it easier for Islam to take over the country, and eventually, the world. Not only will they loot and pillage, but they will rape women as well perform all sorts of barbaric things on them.

And despite claiming to be a civic right organization, CAIR is mostly being used as a front for sinister behavior, and they have worried thousands with their connections to dangerous groups such as the Hamas terror group or the Muslim brotherhood.


You can see in the tweet above that the Arabic phrase translates to “The people want to bring down the regime.” This was written directly by Hussam Ayloush, the CAIR Director for Los Angeles, who is calling for people to remove President Trump.

Now we are all aware of the fact that Obama was an Islamic sympathizer who never mumbled a bad word about the radicalized religion, which is why groups like this were able to thrive under his presidency.

But fortunately, we now have a President that can see through organizations such as CAIR and their real intentions. The ultimate goal of these radical Muslims is to make Islam the only religion in the world, while pretending they are achieving this goal through a peaceful manner, however, this cannot be more untrue.

If you ask us, they need to be stopped at all costs, because if Sharia Law is introduce in America, women would have no rights and could be abused at will. Beheadings and savagery would be a common thing for petty reasons, and new hefty punishments such as 80 lashes with a whip would be inflicted on an individual just for drinking alcohol.

America needs to stop, take a knee, and ask itself – does it really want to live like this?

Share this article and spread the word to expose this organization for what they really are – radical Islams waiting for the right moment to overthrow President Trump.

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