THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Barron Trump Just Made A HISTORY With Huge Announcement – You Will Love This…

This is a historic day, First Lady Melania Trump and First Son have officially moved into the White House.

We acknowledge it’s not easy being the first kid, as Barron has taken a lot of unneeded attention of from the media. Since the 1960’s big number of extraordinary and beautiful children have been first kids in the White House, but being the first boy it’s one thing different Barron has.

Barron will be taking up residence at the White House, and we wish to see him there for the next 8 years. Now officially, he is the first boy to live in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr. took office.

According to reports by Time Magazine, “In the 19th century, the occupants of the White House had herds of boys. The Lincolns had four. The Grants had three sons and a daughter. The Hayeses had seven sons and a daughter,” wrote Time. “The Garfields had seven kids, five of them sons. Not all of these male heirs lived in the White House — many died young, or were too old to be living with their parents — but several did.”

Regardless of the fact that Melania and Donald’s give their best effort to keep Barron as far away from the spotlight as possible, he was the first one to be out the door when the family landed in D.C for the inauguration.

Being the child of the POTUS it is remarkable experience in its own way, and everyone is excited to see how he will be handling things, at least he is the first boy in 50 years.

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