Man Starts Shooting Up Texas Sports Bar, Doesn’t See Who Else Is There…

A small restaurant in Arlington, Texas, was recently the scene of a shooting incident that will be talked about for a long time.

According to Fox 4, 48-year-old James Jones walked into the Zona Caliente Sports Bar and started an argument with one of the employees. It escalated when Jones pulled out a gun and proceeded to kill the employee. Luckily, he didn’t see the armed patron in the restaurant. The patron confronted the gunman and ended up shooting him dead, which stopped the spree from getting worse. 

The initial target, Cesar Perez, was pronounced dead. Police are currently looking to identify a motive and recognize whether more victims were a possibility. We have one thing to say, THANK GOD FOR CONCEAL CARRY PERMITS!

Our Second Amendment allows us to own, possess, and carry firearms. This amendment is absolutely crucial to our freedom and helped us achieve our freedom in the first place. Luckily, the armed customer was smart enough to bring his gun with him to eat with his wife at the restaurant.

We often hear the Left shouting down the Second Amendment and saying that it “promotes violence.” They obviously do not have a clue how banning something works. If you ban something, you keep it out of the law-abiding, honest Americans’ hands. Instead, thugs and other criminals have no problems getting firearms.

Hypothetically, if the armed customer forgot his gun that day there is a chance that Jones could have killed everyone there and kept going. INSTEAD, he was cut down early in the shooting, and potential loss of life was erased.

The crazy part about all of this is if the Democrats had their way and guns were controlled, and this shooting happened, they would justify STRONGER restrictions. You cannot restrict guns and not expect people to get their hands on them.

They seem to live in this fantasy world where they think they can get anything to pass, including gun control. They will NEVER get their dream of a gun-free America.

Some of the PATRIOTS in this country would die before they would just hand their guns over to a tyrannical government. You can bet that there would never be an active law passed that bans guns from being possessed in this country.

If you want to see what a country looks like stripped of its guns, all you have to do is take a good hard look at the UK. They are in a position where most COPS DON’T EVEN CARRY, yet gun violence still occurs. How is that possible, unless maybe, just maybe, banning guns does absolutely nothing.

We know that President Trump will never allow us to lose the right we have to our guns. He is currently looking to preserve the Second Amendment as we have always seen it. WE support our Second Amendment rights, and we ALWAYS will!


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