Muslims Flaunt Banned Burkinis, Immediately Regret Their Decision

With many beaches banning the Islamic swimsuit, a group of Muslim women gathered to flaunt their burkinis in a location that hadn’t yet prohibited the controversial swimwear. However, as soon as they began provoking the locals, they came to deeply regret their decision.

Thanks to France’s ultra-liberal policies, Muslims are raping, stabbing, and bombing their way to total submission of the democracy. With a nearly 10-percent Muslim population, France is desperately trying to reign in terrorists and stop the so-called moderates from eradicating their culture and values.

In a small yet monumental step, many French tourist hotspots have banned the burqa in an effort to salvage what’s left of their way of life. Unfortunately, Cannes recently failed to pass this legislation, causing a group of smug Muslims to disrespectfully and obnoxiously celebrate their ability to adhere to Sharia law right under the noses of the few French patriots who are tirelessly combatting it. While burkinis and hijabs weren’t illegal on this particular beach, what these religious supremacists didn’t know is that they were implicating themselves in another way with their inflammatory decision.

RT reports that although the Muslims were allowed to wear burkinis in Cannes, the local law prohibits individuals and groups from staging “political demonstrations,” which they rightfully deemed the repugnant Sharia celebration. Even though the entitled Muslims could legally sport the head-to-toe swimwear, the police were able to arrest them for engaging in an illegal political display on the beach.

Their hopes for throwing the recent failed “burka ban” in the faces of their French hosts was soon interrupted by law enforcement officers. Around a dozen Muslim women were arrested and herded into police vans just moments after kicking off their political stunt, according to the Express.Around a dozen Muslim women were arrested for their obnoxious political stunt. (Photo Source: Express)

The sinister display was organized by tycoon Rachid Nekkaz, who publicized the event as a celebration of the unsuccessful ban. As a pro-Sharia political activist and failed Algerian presidential candidate, Nekkaz still enjoys meddling in European countries’ legal affairs. Nekkaz had renounced his French citizenship in order to run for the Algerian presidency in 2014 only to return to France to further Sharia law.

“The Cannes Film Festival is all about liberty and tolerance,” he said. “It‘s the perfect place to celebrate this newfound freedom in the city that was the first to ban the burkini.”

Nekkaz made headlines when he vowed to pay the legal fees of any Muslim woman fined for breaking the law by wearing a burka in areas that have banned it. The media estimates that Nekkaz has shelled out around $256,000 to these repeat offenders since last year.

Rachid Nekkaz (left) has spent over $250,000 on fines for Muslim lawbreakers who wore the illegal burqa. (Photo source: Scoopnest)

Of course, you won’t be reading that Nekkaz is bailing women out of jail in Islamic countries where they are fined, imprisoned, and even executed for wearing un-Islamic clothing. In fact, Nekkaz is pushing for the same Sharia legislation that lashes both Muslim and non-Muslim women for “offenses” such as showing their hair, leaving the house without a male relative, or lesbianism. He’s much too concerned about the “right” for Muslim women living comfortably on our freedoms to cover their faces in accordance with oppressive Sharia.

“I have not been notified of the decision, but I am surprised: France is not Burma,” Rachid Nekkaz told the local newspaper Var-Matin. “No one can prevent us from bathing.”

In his interview, Nekkaz cleverly refers to the Buddhist-majority country Burma, also called Myanmar, instead of any Muslim country. He knows that countries with a Muslim majority are the most inhumane and oppressive when it comes to women’s rights. Ironically, his reference was meant to call out France for not letting women choose how to dress, a right that women aren’t granted under Sharia.

Nekkaz and his harem of Muslim beachgoers is a perfect example of how Muslims are using our own tolerance, freedom, and humanity against us. They demand we allow them to practice laws that contradict our own, citing religious freedom and women’s rights. Sadly, Islam contradicts those things as the Quran commands men to force their wives to cover themselves and beat them if they disobey.



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